We're Zosi

At Zosi, we believe in you and your potential to feel awesome. We also believe that when you blend modern science and ancient plant wisdom in the right ways, you can help people feel their best, daily.

The Zosi product line is a 24-hour system for mind-body synergy. Each product is specifically formulated to:

  1. Optimize mind-body-emotion performance;
  2. Synch your biology with the circadian rhythm; and
  3. Support the opportunity to “release” with a mindful, joyful experience.

How do Zosi products work?

RISE and SHINE morning chews are formulated to help you get up and get after it with passion and purpose. Rise and Shine is a proprietary blend of botanicals including our patent pending Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, energizing Yerba Mate, brain-boosting turmeric, and the stress-busting adaptogen ashwagandha. The end result is balanced energy, channeled creativity, and overall mind-body brilliance.

  • Take one chew upon rising. You can take another later in the morning to help keep your SHINE on!

KEEP CRUSHING IT  afternoon chews are formulated to fuel your mid-day and afternoon awesomeness. The botanical “trifecta” of our patent pending Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogenic herb, Rhodiola, will enable you to manage your daytime energy consciously channeled under the influence of your innate mind-body badassery.

  • Take one chew anytime in the afternoon. If your afternoon turns against you, you can double CRUSH it into mindful submission.

SLEEP WELL evening chew does what it says it does - invites you to your very own slumber party. Sleeping well under the influence of our patent-pending, plant-based blend of our patent pending Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and chamomile tucked in alongside of peaceful pairing of 5HTP and L-Theanine, the peaceful sleep assurance of melatonin, is the goal of SLEEP WELL.

  • Take one chew 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime. If you’re still counting sheep, take another to ease your way towards SLEEP.

RELEASE is your invitation to just let go. We have two ways to play - our Zosi taffy and our Zosi seltzer. Both have been given the conscious boost of 2.5 units of our patent pending Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract. Our Release product line is formulated for fun, the kind of fun you will actually remember having. Think of it as a FUNctional, predictable mind-body experience of carbonated joy or sweet taffy delight.

  • Start with one Release and see how you feel. Additional servings are on you.