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Find your feel good, daily.

Hi, we’re Zosi. And we believe in you. Our proprietary, plant-based formulas are designed to make you feel like the best version of yourself – morning, noon and night. Gentle. Predictable. Plant-based. Awesome.


Rediscover Your Rhythm

Our products are formulated to optimize, support, and align your mind, body and emotions with your natural rhythm.

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Rise and Shine


Increase your innate physiological and emotional desire to get up and get after it with passion and purpose. Rise and Shine is a proprietary blend of botanicals including our Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, energizing Yerba Mate, brain-boosting turmeric and the stress-busting adaptogen ashwagandha to create hormonal harmony, balanced energy and overall mind-body brilliance.

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Keep Crushing It

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Fuel your mid-day and afternoon awesomeness with the tried-and-true botanical trifecta of our Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic rhodiola. These afternoon chews enable you to boost your mid-day efficiency and mind-body badassery.

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Sleep Well

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Welcome to your very own slumber party for one. Get your snooze on like never before with our plant-based blend of our Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and chamomile alongside 5HTP, L-Theanine and melatonin. Sleep tight!

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Don't just show up - be present. Whether you choose the taffy or seltzer, each of our Release products packs a powerful punch of our patent-pending, Complex 612 Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract formulated for fun and a predictable, joyful mind-body experience.